Site Changes

In the beginning, it was my intention to make The Hamster Wheel the centralized place for all things pertaining to the OHRRPGCE. I tried this years ago with The Hamster Wheel 1.0 and it ultimately became too much for me to handle. I brought the site back in its current form last year in hopes of trying it again.

The sad truth is that I will never be able to devote as much time as I’d like to make this site everything I want it to be. But the more I think about it, all of the content I intended to add here would be better suited on the official OHRRPGCE wiki anyways.

Having said that, The Hamster Wheel is not going away for good, but from now on it will only cover reviews and previews. I still thoroughly enjoy reviewing and previewing OHRRPGCE games, and it is a work load that I can definitely handle by myself. The Hamster Wheel will still be the host of the yearly Top 15/30 OHRRPGCE games as well.

In short, The Hamster Wheel is now solely focusing on reviews and previews. I still hope to have every OHRRPGCE game, no matter how horrible or incomplete, reviewed on this site one day. Please continue to request reviews and previews of OHRRPGCE games by contacting me here. I enjoy revisiting games that I reviewed in the past, so those will be considered if requested too.