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Weegee was made by Nathan Karr for the 2011 OHRRPGCE Fangame Contest. The rules for the contest were pretty relaxed, and one could pretty much make a game about anything that they wanted; excluding themselves. Nathan chose to make a game about a whole mess of stuff that he likes; one of those things being Weegee. I’ll be honest; I knew nothing of the Weegee phenomenon, so I had to look it up. Some of the stuff was pretty funny, but I don’t think any of that really transfered over to Nathan’s game. In fact, OHRRPGCE Weegee is pretty much atrocious in every way possible.

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I was expecting some sort of side scrolling action judging by the screenshots, but I was wrong about that. Weegee plays like a typical JRPG even though the maps resemble that of a side scrolling game. All Weegee can do is talk to people and fight stuff, and neither is really interesting. I’ll admit that I chuckled a little at some of the dialogue, but it wasn’t enough to really keep me excited. I’m all for humorous games, or even some games that make no sense at all. Having said that, it helps if there is something that makes you actually want to play the game. Sadly, Weegee has no such quality.

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To say the least, the combat is dull and repetitive. Weegee’s terrible accuracy alone is enough to bring one to set houses on fire or eat babies. The good thing is that there are a plethora of unique enemies to fight; from Pikachu, Spongebob, and Mario to even Bob the Hamster. Unfortunately, most of these enemies do the same attacks. Some of them have different names for attacks, but most of them perform about the same. Because of all these things, you will find yourself running from battles a lot more than you should.

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After the first few maps, you will be tempted to use the debug keys to get done faster. Random battles happen too often, and the fact that they are so dull to begin with doesn’t help at all. There’s one point that I ran into a dead end, but I just used the debug keys to get by as my patience was already very thin.

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Honestly, I couldn’t make it through to the end and I’m surprised that some people actually completed it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a game full of parodies and internet references, but at the end of the day it still needs to be a decent game. I’m curious if Nathan has actually played this game and if he finds it fun and/or enjoyable. Given its current condition, I don’t see how anyone could enjoy anything about it, and I most certainly could not recommend it to anyone either.