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Review:Wage Slave

The Giz manages to hit close to home once again in this tale of a pig that wants what he cannot afford. That story of your life, huh? Mine too.

You initially start out with zero dollars, but come across a lone penny shortly after starting the game. You decide to invest in your best interest, which would be a roof over your head. You talk to the local mason who says you will need a little more to get started on building your dream home. That’s okay! Just head back outside and–whoa, another penny! Maybe he will help you get started now! I’m afraid not. Would you another penny help? No. How about another? Nope.

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I gave up after collecting five pennies because I couldn’t take it anymore. Not only was is mind-numbingly boring, but I was constantly reminded at the fact that there are so many things out there that I would like to purchase in the real world, but I don’t have enough pennies. And the sad truth is that I probably never will.

I suppose the moral of the game is that if you work hard you may be able to reach your goals. Then again, maybe not. I don’t think there was much hope for the pig though.

I do appreciate the fact that both Wage Slave and Wilthawiya are pretty much safe to play for all ages. That is a refreshing thought considering the content of some of the other contest games.