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Review:Turkey Killer

Turkey Killer is a very simple, Thanksgiving-themed shooter. I should probably warn those that are easily offended to stay clear though, for our poultry-crazed hunter doesn’t just kill turkeys.

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The object of the game is very simple: to obliterate any and all turkeys that you can find before the time runs out. Keep in mind that firing your blunderbuss at air reduces your points, albeit by a very minor amount. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are at close enough to get a shot off before firing. Your trusty gun has a very short range, so keep that in mind.

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You have two options for gaining points: you can either stay put and shoot whatever comes in your general area, or you can go on a killing spree, stay on your toes the entire time, and have a chance at scoring even more points by slaying fleeing Indians. Either way you approach it, you are likely to surpass the default high score, and have some fun in the process. It is very easy to pick this game up and play it at any time. The graphics have a nice touch and reflect the Thanksgiving season well and the music and sound effects just add to it.

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Overall, I think Spoonweaver did a great job on Turkey Killer. It is very simplistic, but is still able to be an enjoyable experience. After all, this game is about killing turkeys, and was made in a 48 hour time period. With that being said, give Turkey Killer a shot and see how you like it.