Timpoline is a remake of a game that Moogle created with a friend ten years ago in QBASIC. Compared to the original, it is supposed to feature better controls, music, and also all-new levels and challenges. I have always been amazed by Moogle’s ingenious scripting skills, and Timpoline is a great example of his ability.


You are Guy, a man that has been contracted to escort “Tim” through various missions (levels) with a specialized, government-issued trampoline. Don’t worry about Tim, as he can withstand a lot of damage. However, be careful on grassy terrain as Tim seems more susceptible to it. If the synopsis did not give it away, this is a platformer. With that being said, it is not your typical OHR game, and I commend Moogle for helping break the mold for other types of OHR games.


The graphics are very basic and are on par with some NES games and Mogri’s own Curse of Vampire. Guy resembles the protagonist of Flashback on the Genesis, while Tim looks like a ritalin-depraved child. The map textures mainly consist of single, bright colors, but fit the game’s feel well. Most of the music score is from Yoshi’s Island and works really well here.

The controls are precise and smooth, like what you would expect from any good platformer. The slightest movement, left or right, will cause Tim to bounce of in a different direction. Running and jumping around the map also feels natural.


Despite superb handling, there are some gameplay faults. There are a few collision detection problems, and a lot of the levels are impossible without some luck. In Moogle’s defense, he does warn you that some maps are extremely difficult. However, I think that there’s a fine line between a difficult challenge and an insurmountable challenge. You will likely spend a vast majority of your time on certain levels crossing your fingers and hoping that everything falls into place. There are some health packs and power ups at your disposal, but sometimes it is just not enough.

With that being said, Timpoline is still an extremely fun and addicting game, but I think it trades off with constant frustration.


Despite a few imperfections, Timpoline is a good example of a platforming game on the OHRRPGCE. I am just in complete awe as to how Moogle pulled this off, and I hope that he continues to utilize his skill in this community. However, if Moogle does implement some more maps in the future, I hope that they will require more skill than lady luck.