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Review:The Dragonmaster

The Dragonmaster is yet another game I found on the old Hamster Republic gamelist that I’m pretty sure was never hosted anywhere else. I don’t know about you, but when I think of a Dragonmaster, this guy immediately comes to mind. Perhaps this game is about someone who commands dragons, or hunts them down? Unfortunately unless you guessed “paraplegic dragons that throw swords at people”, you are terribly wrong (as was I).

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You command Briggan, who is a dragon that apparently must “do stuff” after your dragon teacher (?!) dies right in front of you. His last words are to take the flaming sword next to him and that it will make you “great”. I found that funny because when you equip the sword it actually LOWERS your stats slightly. And wait, can dragons actually hold swords? Apparently they can…

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Regardless, be sure that you equip the sword even though it diminishes your stats. Briggan’s standard attacks and special abilities without the sword hit like paper, which makes no sense considering your stats are higher. Fortunately for Briggan, he is able to make flaming swords rain from the sky, which is cool if that’s your thing. Unfortunately that’s where the fun ends, because the story never really makes sense and you just do stuff for the sake of doing it. If I wanted to command paraplegic sword-dragons on a senseless quest I’d probably just eat shrooms as I can imagine that the same concept could be experienced if I did.

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Other aspects of the game are equally horrible. Only one piece of music is used throughout the entire game, and some places are just silent. I suppose this is better than having to hear potentially horribly-placed music though. Random battles are fought every step or two, most items make no sense, and you can even get multiple copies of certain heroes by mistake! Don’t expect a challenge with any of the boss fights either, unless you are one that thinks large health pools = something exciting.

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The Dragonmaster is a textbook terrible game, and it’s safe to say that it should be avoided at all costs.