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Review:Tetris OHR

It’s not very often that someone comes into the OHRRPGCE community from out of nowhere and releases a quality game. In fact, it hardly ever happens. Most people have grown accustomed to new members releasing crap games. Now, you can’t expect much out of someone who’s never used the engine before (or made a game for that matter), but you can’t help but hope that their initial game is at least playable to a certain extent.

Shakeyair released Tetris OHR on Slime Salad back in October of 2009. Some might have been skeptical at the title, considering he was a newcomer to the community. I know I was skeptical myself, but always try and give new folks and their games the benefit of the doubt. Tetris OHR is a game that could forever undo the habit of shunning away newbies and their games at first glance.

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Almost everyone has played some form of Tetris, and the game itself has been re-made only virtually every platform possible. Why not do it on the OHRRPGCE?

I heard some good things about this game, but was still a bit nervous while it was loading up. Then, I see the title screen and wow…Hands down, one of the best looking title screens I’ve ever seen in an OHRRPGCE game. It’s beautifully colored and even animated; it is just amazing. Feeling a little bit better already, I decide to give game “Type A” a try. Again, we witness a beautiful interface and lush block graphics. Although there are a few color issues with the pictures of Russia in the background, it is still a nice touch. On top of that, you have a remixed version of one of the original Tetris songs playing in the background, which is awesome.
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The controls are quite smooth and the collision detection is great. Besides the script errors at the beginning of the game and a few missing features on the menu screen, the game is rock solid in every aspect. The author calls this game a “demo”, but I think he is being a bit too modest.

At this point, Shakeyair has shown nothing but the fact that he has put a vast amount of effort into his work. He/she has set the bar high for future newbies in the OHRRPGCE community. If everyone who joined would channel this same amount of effort into their projects, we would have some quality newbie games at our hands and a lot less games that deserve to be thrown in the E.T. landfill.

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I wish I could write more about it, but it’s difficult to generate a novel about a Tetris game. Honestly, all you need to know is that this game holds true to original Tetris games and that it is definitely worth checking out. Regardless, I hope Shakeyair decides to stick around and do some more work. He’s already proven that he’s quite capable of making quality games, so I hope that he continues to pursue that.