Review System

How does The Hamster Wheel grade games?

The Hamster Wheel does not use a points or numeric-based review system. Instead, we grade the overall game as positive, mixed, negative, or incomplete.



Games that are graded as “positive” are considered exceptional games. They are generally complete games, though demos find themselves in this category from time to time as well. They are considered relatively bug and error free and offer a quality gaming experience.



A mixed game has some promising features but struggles in other areas. These games show promise but lack the overall quality to be considered a positive game.



Negative games are the bottom feeders of the game lists. Some of these are playable to a certain extent while others are complete garbage. These games are terrible and should be avoided unless you want to torture yourself or are looking for laughs. We review and play them so your sanity does not suffer (though ours does).



These games lack enough content to truly be graded but generally show some forms of promise (otherwise they’d be labeled as negative games).

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