Review:Super Aztec RPG: The Golden Skull

I thought that an Aztec/Mayan themed OHR game would pretty sweet. I had high hopes for this game, although in the back of my mind I knew that there was a reason why it had never been talked about before.


Upon loading it up…yep, that is why. The very first thing you see are ripped maptiles, which doesn’t seem very promising. Disgusted already, I decided to truck on and see what the game was all about. Your task is to find a Golden Skull, but I do believe that it is impossible given the current state of the game. However, you can go left to meet your friend and slay some Spaniards, right to view an unfinished trading area that reminded me of Secret of Evermore, and south to play the never-ending mini-game called “Headball”.


Headball is very simple; you pelt the opposing team (who also has an unfair 3:1 advantage to you) and then you hit the ball into the “goal” enemy. I suppose this would have worked alright, but it seems as if the game never ends. You miss 90% of your shots, and I went a good ten minutes against the “goal” without being able to “win” or defeat it. I wasn’t going to waste anymore time with it, so I decided to run. Too bad I couldn’t run, which meant I had to terminate GAME.exe manually.


Unfortunately, this is just another incomplete title that should have never been released in the first place. I commend the author for trying to throw some different gameplay mechanics into the mix, since they were half-butted attempts though it just made the game worse. I still think a Mayan/Indian/Aztec game would be killer though. With that being said, this was my favorite title of the four because I felt it had the most potential. Use of mini-games, a trading post, and a different theme would have made it a neat little game if it were ever finished.