Submarine, can seem a bit misleading. No music, no title screen, and three minutes of game play; sound promising doesn’t it?

Actually, I was quite surprised with this game. It may not be exciting to some given today’s standards, but I think that this could have been a really neat game if it were to be finished back in its prime. The game itself is very simple; you navigate your submarine through the maze-like landscape, avoiding things such as mines, and reach the end of the area alive.


I was upset when I completed the tutorial level and the game was over. I was really hoping to see more content here, but I was still impressed even by the very small amount present in the game. While the graphics are nothing spectacular, they are colorful, and easy on the eyes.


Again, this game is very simple, yet, so different for its time. Nowadays with advanced plotscripting, it’s not uncommon to see a non-RPG OHR game. Back in the early days, however, it was rare to see anything besides a Final Fantasy clone. Although Submarine proved to be a very simple game, I highly respect the author for breaking out from the norm and beginning to piece together something unique during a time when such a thing was rare.


If you have a few minutes to spare, check this game out and see for yourself.