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Review:String Quartet

Ever wondered what a lone piece of string’s Catch-22 entailed? Are you looking to play a game that doesn’t have to be taken seriously? Then String Quartet may be the right game for you.

String Quartet is not a game that you will find on Castle Paradox or Slime Salad. In fact, it may have never been on any of the grandfather OHR sites such as Operation OHR, RPG Online, and the Bahamut Community either. I found this title on the Shogunate website, which used to be a game creation “company” that included Byako, Harlock, Rainy Frog, among others.

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The comedic-genre of OHRRPGCE games is pretty much nonexistant. Many have taken a stab at it and failed in the eyes of the majority of the community. The Arfenhouse series is probably the first and most well known comedy series in the OHRRPGCE, and many look to that as the grandfather of the OHRRPGCE comedy/joke genre. As you can guess, String Quartet is a game not to be taken very seriously. One question remains though; does it live up to the standards to be called an actual comedy game or is it just another of many duds?

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You are a piece of string. You like your spot on the desk; that’s cozy and close to the lamp. All is well in the world, until a massive hand picks you up and chunks you in a wastebasket. The world as you know it is shattered and it all happened so fast. Where are you? How can you get back to your warm spot on the desk? Thus, your adventure begins…
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String Quartet is hands down one of the most unique games I have ever played on the OHRRPGCE. Having a piece of string as the main protagonist and various other types of string and rope as his allies is something that is practically unheard of anywhere. You will travel through a gunked-up trash can, an entire house, and the home’s air vents; all from a piece of string’s perspective. You will also be treated to a very special ending if you are fortunate enough to make it back to your desk habitat. It’s a pretty ridiculous story and setting, but quite refreshing at the same time.

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While the graphics aren’t amazing, they do look acceptable for the most part. Designing the game from the string’s perspective is really cool, and adds another level of uniqueness to the game.

While Byako obviously made an effort to create a truly unique setting, it seems that’s where he stopped caring about other aspects of design as well. The gameplay itself is horrible. Battles are quite frequent, and reap you no rewards or benefits for overcoming them. In other words, you will spend a vast majority of play time merely running away from battles. That is, unless you want to fight an endless wave of Green Goos, Lit matches, Dust Bunnies and Rats for no reason other than to see how combat efficient a piece of string can be.

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Despite the choice you have at the beginning of the game to turn the music on or off, there isn’t any music in the game besides the track played at the title screen. This, in addition to the pointless battles really make it a bit of a chore to make it to the end of the game. Fortunately though, String Quartet isn’t very long, the characters can be a bit witty at times, and the dialogue might just be exciting enough to keep some going until the end.

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String Quartet is definitely an odd ball. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing this game unless you have the urge to find out what happens to our friend String at the end. Just be sure not to go into the game with any sort of expectations, and you may come out of the experience with a chortle or two.