Stranded is more of an introduction rather than an actual game. At this time, there is not much gameplay present, but the author suggests that there will be future updates. With the groundwork he has laid out thus far, I hope that what he speaks of is true.


This game is reminded me a lot of the TV show Lost, which I happen to follow religiously. Your plane crashes onto an island, and you happen to be lucky enough to survive with a few other people. During the course of the demo, you have the option of choose multiple paths to take rather than a linear design. I haven’t explored each path that you can take, but even the thought of it is good enough for me.


The graphics are stunning, and you can tell that New-Gen picked his palette wisely and used his colors to the best of his ability. It also has some of the best looking first-person battle graphics that I have seen on the OHRRPGCE to this date. Given the fact that there was only a 16-color palette used, I’d say that is quite a feat.


Unfortunately, the game is very short, and is over in a matter of minutes. Besides eye candy, there is really not much that the game offers right now. However, I do hope that New-Gen continues to work on this project, because I think it could be very promising.