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Review:Santa Bang Bang

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse…..Wow. Needless to say if you are easily offended you probably don’t want to play this game.

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It starts out innocent enough; Santa in a room filled with presents, elves, and children. Upon talking to the closest elf, he states that you have a “mission” and should stick to it. He tells you to visit another elf for briefing. Basically, you are to obliterate any and all children with massive candy cane. Okay, so I thought that was a bit funny. After slaying hundreds of children though it gets a bit monotonous. After a few levels of beating children senseless, the good Lord decides to smite you, and sends out angels commanded by Jesus himself to take care of the mess. In turn, you must beat the Godly bunch to remain supreme ruler of the Christmas season.

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Wait a minute…you mean you actually beat on Christ himself?

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That’s where I had to draw the line. It is one thing to make a game about whacking children, but another to take a stab at one’s religion. Regardless of whether this game was intended to be a joke or not, I was highly offended. There are some things you just shouldn’t joke about in my opinion. I think that anyone who doesn’t have a heart of stone will agree as well.