Review:Resident Evil’s Operation: Rageing Cheetah

It’s generally not a good idea to make a spin-off game from a well known game series. In my experience, most of them turn out to be total crap. Rageing Cheetah is no different than the other spin-off titles that have failed to meet even a decent game’s standards.


To be completely honest, there is not much to this game. Part of the story, which involves the Resident Evil company Umbrella and a new company Zentech fighting for the ultimate bio-weapon, is briefly laid out by Al Gore himself in the prologue. After that, your Umbrella team sets out to find the latest and greatest bio-weapon. Other than exploring for a few minutes, there is nothing left to do.


After playing the game, I am very confused of why it was made. At first glance, with the Al Gore cameos, buggy areas and terrible spelling, it seems like a joke game. However, some of the graphics show some signs of potential. The author would likely not care what his work looked like if it wasn’t going to be taken seriously in the first place. Then again, people are crazy and you never know what they may do.


Again, there really isn’t enough here to even call this a demo. In its current state, I would call it very incomplete. The fact that it was last updated in 2001 means that it will probably stay in its unfinished state forever.