Review:Megaman Sprite Game

Every once in a while I’ll find myself trolling through Google searches in hopes of discovering unheard of or uncommon OHRRPGCE games. I generally have very low expectations for such games, and in the case of Megaman Sprite Game it is a good thing that I did.

The author was nice enough to include a README, which I checked out before starting the game. The file is surprisingly lengthy but offers nothing besides a few laughs. The grammar is a bit bad but it is obvious that the author is either not comfortable with English or it is just a joke (I’m leaning more towards it being a joke). Either way, I found the README description kind of funny, so I decided fire the game up and give it a shot.


If you are OCD like myself, you will immediately notice that all of the dialogue is written in lowercase letters. I’m sure this is not a huge deal to most people, but it bothered me throughout the entire game because I’m psycho like that. The dialogue is also fairly monotone and lacks any punctuation outside of periods.

Luckily, most of the dialogue is pretty funny although it is extremely dry humor. I’m easily amused anyways but I thought that all of it was tasteful overall and nothing seemed too forced. The story itself was most likely birthed from excessive use of pain medication though because it is about the strangest thing I could ever imagine anyone, much less Megaman, being a part of. Nonetheless, it is surprisingly easy to follow though you won’t be dying to know what happens next.


The level design is very linear and it is not likely that you will get lost doing anything. The maps are pretty small and don’t offer much in terms of game play. I did not find any secret areas or even a store outside of an Inn, at least in the amount of time I played the game.

Combat is equally dull and every battle I encountered was won in a matter of seconds. Enemies don’t really get more difficult with the exception of increased health. I get that all of this is likely a joke but why put combat in at all if it provides nothing for the player? At the very least, the frequency of battles could have been toned just a tad bit.


The graphics are interesting to say the least. The style of the characters are really strange and I wondered if it was some sort of Megaman meme that I knew nothing about. I did some digging and discovered that the author of this game also makes Megaman-based comics as well. Apparently these sprites are featured in both the game and the comic.

The character sprites are a little freaky though, as most of them have their mouths wide open showing pirahna-like teeth. They also range from looking like luchadores to having man boobs that would put Robert Paulson to shame. Regardless, I personally found the style rather amusing, though it is clear that the author did not try or is not gifted in pixel art. it is obvious that the author used real photos for battle backdrops and probably ripped some of the other graphics, but at least the backdrops were palettized properly.


There’s not a whole lot that can be said about the music. Most, if not all of it, is ripped, but I suppose they were arranged well enough to not be too distracting. Surprisingly though it seemed that the game featured more non-Megaman music than actual Megaman tracks.

I only played the game once and abruptly received the “bad ending”. Unfortunately I had no desire to replay the game again to see what was in store further along, but I doubt it would have been worth the trouble.


I do commend the author for at least making the game playable, considering most newbies to the OHRRPGCE do the exact opposite with their work. It did have a (somewhat) clear story and sense of direction, but there’s just not enough “there” gameplay-wise to make it worthwhile.  Unfortunately, I found no enjoyment from the game outside of the few laughs and therefore cannot willingly encourage others to play it.