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Review:Maze of the Red Mage

Like it wasn’t a big surprise that Mogri’s entry was among the best. If you are a fan of Rogue-like games, you will feel right at home here. If not, you will still probably enjoy the trip.

Your elf must cross the treacherous path of the unknown alive. Along the way, you will come across many foes and doors that have to be unlocked or bashed in (reducing your health), countless traps (that also reduce health), and Christmas presents, which generally give you a useful item (but may also be a trap).

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Does it sound a bit difficult? Because it is, in my opinion anyway. In fact, I was never able to actually beat the game. I faced off with the final boss multiple times but he freaking tanked me every time. Luckily, the playing field was quite short, which made up for the fact that the game was quite challenging (if not impossible without luck).

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You do have a choice of classes for your Elf at the beginning, and they all do have unique abilities that make each one distinct. I think Moog did a great job though making all the classes somewhat balanced, especially considering the steep time frame given for the contest. It seemed not one class could really get the job done easier than the other, which is nice.

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Overall, I really enjoyed the game and it had a nice, polished feel to it. A great presentation!