Review:Maces Wild

As a child, I grew up playing JRPGs. I would rent Final Fantasy IV for the SNES from the local Video Rental store, play it, take it back, rent it next week, start over because someone erased my file, and love it regardless.

For many years after that,I enjoyed any kind of traditional RPG. However, as I grew older, I found that it took quite a bit for me to sit down and play a JRPG-style game for more than five minutes. Often it must have some sort of unique combat system or game mechanic to keep me intrigued enough to play through it.
Maces Wild is an example of the polar opposite of such a game. You play as Kenneth, a cop who learns that his new partner is a robot from the future. Kenneth and then robot perform perform various tasks for the police chief (although only one task is available in the demo). Along the way you will meet different people in town and locations to explore, but nothing very exciting. I must say that even though the story was bland, I did enjoy Ronin’s dry sense of humor at times.

In fact, the humorous dialogue is about the only feature that kept me from ending the game early. The graphics are not very good, and I don’t think that the 16 color palette for the contest was chosen wisely. The floor at the Deli and parts of the Police Station will hurt your eyes. Being a huge Mega Man fan though, I did appreciate the title screen.
Another thing that bothers me are the vast amount of useless spells in the game. In Ronin’s defense, he may have a plan for them in future installments of the game. I still think that some of the crap spells could have been skipped for now and added later if that was the case.

With that being said, if you want to give it a go for a small amount humor, then go for it. Otherwise, it would be alright just to skip the game for now.