Review:Light Fight

Light Fight is a short game featuring a neon man from the future who has come back to the past to destroy 80’s music and turn people into neon lights.

Don’t be fooled though, for there are not any actual people in the game besides the Chuck Norris photo and reference (which was tasteful for a Norris cameo considering the recent Internet hype about him that has become ridiculous).
There is not much to do here. You can walk around, jump, kick, and punch your way through various neon shapes. Defeating the foes nets you points, and when your health runs out, it is game over.

There are two separate scores for some reason; score and high score. One would assume that the high score would possibly be saved if you play the game again, but it resets, rendering it useless.
The battle system itself is somewhat flawed. You can only deal damage if you are directly lined up with your foe, while they can lash out at you from any angle as long as they are touching you. When the game progresses some, it gets quite difficult to adjust yourself for punches and kicks due to trying to avoid so many enemies at once. I found the best tactic to acheive the highest score was to hug the top wall and wail out on the enemies as much as possible from there.

With that being said, I did like the graphics and design even if it wasn’t all that special. For some reason it reminded me of playing with my Lite Brite as a child, which is a pretty cool I guess. It definitely has that Atari/NES 80s feel to it, which is also a plus.
Overall the game is alright. I think the system could have used some tweaking before launch, but it did bring some nostalgic memories back into my mind for a short period of time.