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Review:King of Gourmet: Feast for your Life

Ever wonder how the early American’s really won the Revolutionary War?

Strategy? Not really.

Teamwork? Nope.

The truth is that George Washington can single handedly turn the tide of the war by stuffing his face with a Thanksgiving meal. That is what King of Gourmet: Feast for your Life is all about: winning the Revolutionary War with the help of General Washington himself and a Turkey Day dinner. You find hostility crossing the Delaware, in Yorktown, and a special encounter at the end. Story-wise, I must say that I am very impressed with what Hachi and Giz came up with given the 48 hour period. It is very obvious that not only the story, but also the graphics and music, were heavily influenced by the theme of the contest, which is awesome. Not to mention it made for a very unique game.

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You battle your enemies in an arena-type setup where you face off 1v1 to the death. If you are victorious, you continue your journey through the war. However, if you fail, you must start the game over from the beginning. This can also be a bit frustrating at times, but given the length of the game it isn’t unbearable. Having a save feature would be pointless, so it is really just about how long it takes you to figure out what is best to eat before a certain battle.

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You have many dishes to choose from, each giving you certain buffs to stats while reducing others. These buffs will last for only your current and upcoming fight. Afterwards, your stats are reset to their default state, allowing you to chow down appropriately for your next fight. Each opponent has different stats as well, so some foods may be more beneficial for a fight than others. It may take you a good while to figure out what is best for each fight, but I suppose that is the whole point of the game in itself.

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Unfortunately, as time goes on, it is very obvious which selection of dishes works best and sadly the same combination can be used successfully to win all fights. Regardless, the idea of having options was really cool.

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King of Gourmet has its strong points, but is definitely not a fast-paced, action packed game. 90% of the time will be spent trying to decide whether that last bear claw was worth it or not. Regardless, the fresh approach of this game, both graphically and game play-wise, makes up for it in the end. Overall, I think King of Gourmet is a good entry for the 2009 48 Hour Contest.