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Review:Journey To Crimson

Journey to Crimson is up next. After seeing Rikimaru and The Fonz on the title screen, I thought dude, this is going to be an awesome game. The game isn’t bad, but it isn’t very good either. The main character, named Ryu, is an orphan child who was raised by a man named Gary in a small village. The game starts with Ryu dreaming about a small child being left on a porch in what looks like a bundles of bananas. Upon waking, your god-father Gary orders you to go fetch breakfast and drops a bomb on you; you were adopted. Come to find out, you were left out on a doorstep much like what was revealed to you in your dream. At this point, you may walk around and talk with fellow townsfolk, but you won’t get the plot ball rolling until you go back and break bread with your Gary.


After breakfast, Gary recalls that he did find a few things with you all those years back and buried them out back. Among the items you find are a ring and a note from your mother. The note basically says that you have special powers and she had to dump you somewhere or else your father would have done something to you. Wanting answers, you decide to set out and find your mother, ultimately solving your questions. Not five minutes after this, your brain resets. Gary, who can’t even get his own breakfast, is now relying on you to get a job. Screw what you want, Ryu! That Gary is a sorry person, indeed.

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You then find work at the local armory and you set out to kill a large snake plaguing the marshlands to the southeast. You are promised a reward of some equipment, but that never comes to fruition. The more and more I played this game it was more apparent that the town was full of douchebags. Alas, screaming ensues outside, and you go see what the commotion is about. The shopkeeper stays inside with your hard earned work, of course, without giving you a reward. What a loser.

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You go out and fight a Sephiroth clone, who apparently is re-enacting an event that happens in the village every 20 years. Speaking to different townspeople will yield different explanations, but it is safe to say that something bad happens every 20 years at the town. This time, Sephiroth clone kills two people, and in turn, you kill him. On his dead corpse is a map to his house; how convenient. The game ends with you deciding to investigate Sephy’s home for….something.

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I think at this point the author realized he had two or three different stories going on and didn’t know how the crap to continue it, so he scrapped the project. It’s probably a good thing too, because there isn’t anything else here to salvage.

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Graphically, I’d say it is pretty poor, but not plain out awful. The music was picked from the bundled BAMs that used to come with the OHRRPGCE and were placed okay, but nothing so exciting that it caught my attention. The battles were also way to easy, and the same goes for gaining money. Ultimately, I think a game starring Fonzie and his sidekick ninja would be sweet. Unfortunately, my dreams of such a game were shattered here.