Indigo is another game that joins the recent platforming craze within the community. Despite a few flaws, I think it could shape up to be a pretty nice game with a few updates.

Basically, our unnamed hero traverses the purple landscape and defeats foes by using a Bioshock-like telekinesis ability that shoots objects back at the caster. Pretty cool concept, and one that I don’t think I’ve seen used for an OHRRPGCE game. Great job on that, Spoonweaver.


Although not neccessary, it would have been nice to have a very brief description of the controls and how your abilities work, but I suppose that it isn’t always a bad thing when you have to figure it out for yourself.

If you didn’t guess from the title, most of the game besides the hero and some objects are purple. Don’t let that fool you though, Blue Train did a fantastic job with the palette for the contest.


Unfortunately the game ended for me within a few minutes. I got trapped in some sort of cage and some dude danced for my enjoyment until the time ran out. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I would have liked to see more content nonetheless. As mentioned before, the game looks promising, and I hope that sometime in the future, Blue Train decides to work a bit more on this title.