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Ever wondered about what life would be like if you lived in a monochromatic world? Probably not, but that is pretty much what Grayscale is about at this point.

You play as Brody in the land of Monchromia. Basically, you can walk around and talk to people until you discover that a local girl has been missing for a while. Brody decides to investigate the matter and finds out that she was taken hostage by a great walking tree. Once you slay the beast and save the girl, you get bored and decide there’s nothing left to do but explore the rest of the world.

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One thing I like about Grayscale is the fact that it is, you guessed, completely drawn in black, white and shades of gray. As I was playing, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the original Game Boy days, though the Game Boy palette was a little bit different compared to this one. The graphics just have that nostalgic feel to them in my opinion.

The graphic design itself isn’t amazing, but I think given the palette it works best that way. The only real complaint I have about the cosmetics are the ground color, which should probably be a few shades darker than it is right now to help ease the eyes.

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Unfortunately, that is about the extent of my compassion for Grayscale. When releasing such a short demo, it is crucial to grab the player’s attention. As of now there’s no real point or purpose to the game, besides Brody being bored and wanting to find stuff. That alone is not enough to keep me going at this point.

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The dialogue could use a revamp as well. Some of the conversations are a bit awkward, and there are a few errors throughout the script as well. These are minor issues that can easily be fixed in no time. Combat is a bit weird in the fact that there are no restorative items that I could find besides using your bed all the way back in town.

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I mistakenly stumbled on a boss fight and had very low HP and no items to counteract my wounds. Luckily, I was still able to overcome the boss without having to start back over. Still, it would still be nice to have some sort of healing items to use both in and out of combat.

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As it stands, Grayscale can’t really be called a demo. There really isn’t much to it; making it difficult to recommend in its current state. Again, I dig the color choices, but much more work needs to be done for me to suggest others to play it.