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Review:First Fantasy

G-Wreck’s project, First Fantasy, has created quite a bit of commotion within the community. I’ve been following its progress for quite some time now and have been eagerly waiting to play a demo of the game. The very first teaser shots and brief synopsis were enough to keep me wanting to know more. Besides, anyone who quotes from The Muppet Show is pretty awesome in my book.

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First Fantasy is unique in the fact that it is set in prehistoric times; a setting that is rarely used in OHRRPGCE games. It is not to be confused with the Final Fantasy series by any means. Although it follows the JRPG structure at heart, the refreshing setting and plot are enough for it to stand on its own.

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Epta, the Goddess of the Earth, longs for friends and companionship. Unfortunately, she fails time after time to create either one. She is constantly plagued by the sharp tongue of her sister, Loma, who teases Epta’s numerous attempts of creating life on earth. Epta’s failed attempts created the mountains and valleys while her tears formed the many bodies of water on the earth. Loma’s teasing continued until Epta’s fury created Daradal, the Sun God. It turns out that Daradal’s passion for Epta is what was needed to successfully create beings on earth in the first place.

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With their combined will, they create man in their own image as well as beasts of the land and sky. This in turn makes Loma jealous, and she tries to destroy the newly created beings. She defiles the Origin of Life, which in turn destroys some of the earth’s inhabitants while corrupting others. Angered, Daradal chases Loma away from the earth, and continues to do so to this day. Epta resides deep within the earth; still protecting the Origin of Life. On the surface remain man, which also plan to protect their home from all threats; including the return of Loma.

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The short introduction is extremely well done. As you are told about the Gods warring over the planet earth, you are shown a scripted event that makes you feel like you are seeing an ancient painting on something like a cave wall. This really helps solidify the prehistoric feel of the game.

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G-Wreck has a refreshing and unique art style. While the larger sprites are not as outstanding as the maps graphics are, they are still very acceptable. The only huge beef I had with the graphics were the side-walking walkabout frames, which seemed a bit odd to me. In addition, I really enjoyed the soundtrack though I can’t say for sure whether it was original or not. Nonetheless, it is quite fitting with the pre-historic setting.

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I think at this point the section that needs the most attention is combat. Battles are pretty simple and probably last a little too long for being so easy. This can easily be remedied by upping the character’s battle speed or by reducing enemies health pool by a small amount.

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Some other things need to be tweaked and/or corrected to help balance the combat. Berries don’t give EP and actually heal you for twice the amount intended. Gutar’s Tracking ability is a great idea but the information comes way too fast to read; making it useless in its current form. The medicine stick obtained after the village event is also a bit overpowered and defeats the purpose of having restorative items such as Berries and Eggs in the first place.

G-Wreck makes an effort to let you know that this is merely a tech demo and that you shouldn’t expect too much out of it. It’s a pretty brave move to release something in such a stage just to see whether people care about the game thus far. Regardless, I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the demo despite its minor flaws and hope to see more content in the future.