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Review:Fall Be Kind

Fall Be Kind isn’t a bad game at heart (that is, the little bit of foundation seemed alright), it is just not really anything other than that. What I mean is that there is so little gameplay that there is not really much one can say about it. On the plus side, the graphics were okay and the controls were smooth, but that is where the goodness ends. Not to mention that the game really had nothing to do with Thanksgiving (save for the title and a glitchy turkey npc), which is mainly why I marked this a bad game in the first place. The whole point of doing a contest game is to focus on the theme. When you avoid that, it pretty much defeats the purpose of joining the contest in the first place.

This could turn out to be a cool game, then again, it might not. It is tough to say at this point considering that amount of content available at this time.