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Review:Ends of the Earth

(This is an extremely old review and will eventually be completely re-written and use a much better format)

Remember growing up as a child and listening to your parent’s or grandparents tell old stories? Regardless of whether they were true or not, you probably enjoyed them. That is how this game opens up. It gives you the impression of a great story someone would tell you as a kid. It really grabs your attention…

Some of the graphics are great, while others seem to have been neglected. Most of the enemies are well drawn, and the battle backdrops look fantastic for the most part. Each hero has their distinct looks and are colored well, although some could’ve used a little more shading. The enemies are the same; most look sweet, although towards the end of the game it seems that they lost some taste.

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Some of the maptiles look great, but others look like they were “rushed” into the game. It’s kind of a shame to see this when the game looks great and then you are hit with some pretty bad tiles. The walkabouts could’ve used some more work as well.
You play as a centaur who decides one day that he wants to find other members of his race/ ends up saving the world.

That’s pretty much the story. Yeah, it is pretty cliche, but the author does a decent job of making you grabbing you at the beginning of the game. I was pretty stoked, but soon I felt that the story was dragging on and then it is over pretty much out of nowhere.

Until the minotaur joins you, you will pretty much die from any random fight. After you and him gain a few levels and spells, and you defeat the first boss, the challenge comes to an end. Most enemy attacks hit you for minimal damage. I went through the entire Summoner Castle without needing a single heal. The Ram’s Spirit fight was a bit of a challenge until you destroy his blade, but then its cake after that. Final Boss is a joke. Plain and simple.

Don’t play this game and expect many secrets or multiple paths to take. It is about as linear as you can get.

If the simplicity of battles wasn’t enough, money is too easy to come by, gear upgrades make you too powerful, and spells pretty much dominate every fight. You have enough MP to keep nukes going all day as well.

The music is where the game truly shines. Every piece seemed to fit perfect, and from what I can understand it’s all original work. What makes me mad is why the author had all of that original music and used ONE pre-bundled BAM piece in the intro. ONE!! That is the only thing that is stopping me from giving a perfect score for the music.

I somewhat enjoyed playing this game. Once again, what started out as a interesting yet challenging game turned into a walk in the park in the end. Don’t come in to this game expecting to enjoy a solid game. It will keep you occupied for maybe 30 minutes, but you won’t want to play it much after that due to extreme balance issues.
I had high hopes for this game. I had read many good things about this before I started my journey. Despite its many flaws and the feeling that half the game was rushed, I still had a good time with it. However, it definitely did not feel like it took me to the Ends of the Earth.