Review:Dragon’s Quest

Dragon’s Quest is one of those games that just should never have been released. It is easy to see when an author does not try at all to make a game enjoyable, or even work right. The way the framework of the story is laid out is so confusing I couldn’t even understand it. You play as a dragon who is supposed to go do something. I don’t know, that is about as far as I got with comprehending the story.


After playing five minutes of the game, I didn’t want understand it anymore. If it wasn’t for the debug keys, I don’t think that I would have made it through the first town due to the cockeyed wallmap. I think the author spent the most time on the beautifully ripped exterior house graphics, which really do look nice. In fact, it is probably the best thing about the game.


Besides the lame story and graphics, I didn’t really notice anything. I am assuming that the music was okay since I didn’t really pick up on anything flat out awful.


I’ll sum this one up in the words of Napoleon Dynamite; this game is a “Decroded piece of crap”! Honestly, I wouldn’t even bother downloading it unless you feel the urge to make sense of the story and let me know why the crap I spent 20 minutes playing it.