Review:Attack of the Saiya-jin

One of many OHRRPGCE Dragon Ball Z fan games, Attack of the Saiya-jin by Castor Troy comes complete with bad graphics, dialogue, poor gameplay, balancing, and music selection; much like the majority of OHR fan games. It’s really no wonder why this game was never reviewed, it is terrible.


You play as Vegeta, who has just landed on the Planet Zogat and is ordered by the boss to eradicate the population, search for resources and ultimately destroy the planet if it proves to be worthless. Before the ship’s computer vaporizes, you are given a power up to use in your quest. Good thing you do, too, because you will need it to survive even the simplest of battles.


This is one of those games where you can tell right from the beginning that the author spent little to no time balancing the combat. Nappa proves to be nothing but a waste of a hero slot. If it wasn’t for the ability the ship gives you in the beginning, you would die from your first or second random encounter; seriously.


It gets worse, too. There are no shops or stores available. In order to heal yourself, you must win fights, which may or may not net you restorative items at the end. But in order to win fights, you must use your special ability. Once you run out of ability points, you are screwed. You see what I’m getting at here? I do like the idea of not having a town or shops that you would have in a traditional RPG, but it was poorly managed in this game.


I am one of those who enjoy a challenging game, but it is pointless when you have to run from from the boss fights and even random bouts to survive. Heck, what is the point of playing period if you can and have to run from the final boss? Not to mention there is seriously something wrong when you have to run from a flan-like boss in order to survive. Overall, this game is a dud. I do think it had some cool, un-traditional ideas, but ultimately it was not enough to save it in the end.