Cyth awakes in a prison cell with no memory whatsoever; but feels an urge to make an escape. After whacking a few guards, you are free to roam the countryside. That is, until you meet up with Chalys, who apparently has it out for you. Feeling threatened and having nothing better to do, you decide to go along with it. A few moments later, at Chalys’ underground facility, you are drafted to go find some old dude’s decapitated head.




I always try and give every game that I play a chance. Unfortunately, things never got better and turned quite ridiculous towards the end. Maybe it is a good thing that this game was never finished.


There were a few bugs present, some of which were annoying. There is a haste ring that you can buy that guarantees a permanent speed increase, but it does absolutely nothing. To my surprise, you can’t sell it back to the shop either. Money doesn’t just roll in either, which means that I lost quite a bit of time to a carelessly designed item. Other bugs include some missing wall maps, but that didn’t bother me as much as the worthless items.


With that being said, Antigone does have its strong points. The combat balance is just about right, and although you are required to grind some, it isn’t too excessive like in games such as Fantasy Under a Blue Moon X.


Cosmetically, the game ranges from sub-par to slightly above average. There is nothing to special about character and level design, but some of the later enemy sprites and battle backgrounds are quite good. I’ve heard that the music was ripped, but the placement is alright and nothing is really annoying.


If the game were to be longer, then I’d say that it may be worth playing through. However, with game time spanning only about an hour, you won’t be missing anything if you decide not to play; especially considering the goofy storyline.