Preview:C. Kane


Paul Harrington gave me the opportunity to check out his latest work-in-progress this week, C. Kane. He’d like to keep it under wraps as much as possible, so don’t expect any real spoilers here. However I would like to show a handful of screenshots and mention one thing…


This game is going to be fantastic.

Most of you know him as Surlaw or more recently, the Wobbler, but Paul is the legendary OHRRPGCE user that is behind games like Walthros and Village People: The Videogame. If you liked those games at all, then you will love this one. It has all the usual quirky charm that Paul’s games are known for, plus some really interesting game mechanics.

It also features some original music that is a collaboration of Paul, Mr. 8-bit and Glock, and it is all phenomenal.


I wish I could say more about it, but I can promise you this: it will be well worth the wait. With the ways things seem to be going, C. Kane could be one of Paul’s best games and perhaps one of the greatest OHRRPGCE releases in a long time.

C. Kane is set to be released sometime in August.