OHRRPGCE Top 15 – 2013

The OHRRPGCE Top 15 poll comprises of the OHR community’s favorite OHR games of all time.

This list in no way represents the “best of” for OHRRPGCE games, but merely shows the favorites of the OHRRPGCE community.

If you are interested in seeing the complete voting breakdown, you can find that by going here.

Runners Up

  • Origin by Vidual (23 Points)
  • Bloodlust by OOIA (26 Points)

#15 (Tie) – Walthrus: Return of the Crystals (27 Points)

By The Wobbler


  • JSH says: “This is a parody of a game by its creator, was a big inspiration for my game, Duck, and I still think it was pretty funny. I love that it has so much respect for its source material but rips it alive the way only a creator can at the same time.”

#15 (Tie) – Entrepreneur: The Beginning (27 Points)

By Pepsi Ranger


  • Meatballsub says: “I have no idea how the crap Pepsi Ranger scripted this thing, but I would love to see a complete title someday.”

#14 (Tie) – Missing (28 Points)

By Orchard-L


  • Willy Elektrix says: “Great premise and presentation.”
  • Meatballsub says: “Being a huge Déjà vu and Shadowgate fan, I absolutely loved Missing.”

#14 (Tie) – Dreg Sector: The Tract (28 Points)

By Willy Elektrix


  • Mogri says: “This is as much a vote for Willy Elektrix as an author as anything. Willy’s output has been consistently strange and wonderful. Not content with mere fantasy, his games span time and space.”

#13 – Okedoke! La Leyand Mexicana (31 Points)

By FnrrfYgmSchnish


  • Willy Elektrix says: “I love the world and style of this game. This would get much higher marks if it were complete.”

#12 – OHR House Series (32 Points)



  • Gizmog says: “Not even sure if I’m allowed to vote on this where it was a movie, but whatever! This was one of the very few community projects that I remember getting any actual attention, with people actually bothering to vote and being at least mildly interested in the outcome. The sequels were just as good (Except for the episodes I wrote in season two. Sorry!) but didn’t draw the same level of viewer participation. I’ve always had a soft spot for JSH’s brand of humor and there’s no purer expression of it than OHR House.”

#11 – Boundless Ocean (37 Points)

By Orchard-L


#10 – Tim-Tim the Mighty Gnome (40 Points)

By Spoonweaver


  • Willy Elektrix says: “Platformers aren’t my thing, but this one is fun and well-balanced.”

#9 – Slimes! (43 Points)

By Spoonweaver


  • JSH says: “The best puzzle game on the OHR. It’s well-scripted and I could see it doing well outside of the community, which I cannot say for most of the games on this list.”

#8 (Tie) – Vikings of Midgard (50 Points)

By Fenrir-Lunaris


Meatballsub says: “Top notch graphics and acceptable gameplay, Vikings is an OHRRPGCE classic.”

#8 (Tie) – Don’t Eat Soap! (50 Points)

By James Paige


#7 – Motrya (55 Points)



  • Gizmog says: “There’s not a lot of OHR games like this. I’m a big fan of the streamlined, no grinding approach that JSH took and an even bigger fan of the “Save after every battle, every battle is IMPORTANT” feeling. There’s no “heroes” bumbling around for 4 hours beating up rats and roaches in this game. If I wanted to do that slime, I’d move to Florida. It’s a shame that it’ll never be finished, but the best OHR Games were always demos anyway.

#6 – Village People: The Videogame (61 Points)

By The Wobbler


  • Mogri says: “This is sort of an author vote, too. I wish Paul had the patience to stick to one game (ha ha look who’s talking), because it would be the best game.”
  • Willy Elektrix says: “I like this for many of the same reasons I like Walthros. However, it is sadly incomplete.”
  • Gizmog says: “Gonna admit, I don’t remember a lot of specifics on this one. But the concept is insane, the game is good and the dialogue is funny. It would’ve been really easy to phone it in and let the idea do all the hard
    work, but The Wobbler’s really done a good job of polishing and making it a good game on its own terms.”

#5 – Walthros (80 Points)

By The Wobbler


  • Meatballsub says: “One of the best OHRRPGCE games out there. With it being a decade old now, I’d say that is quite a feat.”
  • Willy Elektrix says: “Balanced game play in an original setting with lots of style.”
  • JSH says: “While I think it has not aged gracefully, this game shows that you don’t need great graphics or really stellar gameplay to make an engaging RPG. Sometimes you just have to put in the work and make something that’s fun to get through. The game has a big world, an ensemble cast, and approaches some relatively dark subject matter with a tone that doesn’t get distracted by the fact that it’s inhabited by floating fish and seals that don’t look like either of those things.”

#4 – DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons (88 Points)

By Shizuma and KF Harlock


  • Willy Elektrix says: “Designed by the same people who made Spellshard, I like this game for many of the same reasons. Unfortunately, it was not nearly as balanced and polished. However, having abilities that can be used out of combat was very cool.”
  • Gizmog says: “Little bit more modern looking, but still an expertly crafted, consistent art style. Maybe harder than Spellshard. Maybe too hard. Not unbeatably hard, but so hard that you wonder if it’s worth it. There’s a million lessons in presentation that a person can learn from this, very nicely polished. Also a couple of things not to do, but I’m told they’re being fixed!”
  • Mogri says: “I sat down to play this, and I kept playing. DUNGEONMEN is not without issues (it actually has a lot of them), but it’s one of the most engaging RPGs I’ve played in the past couple of years and the pervasive aesthetic is an oldschool D&D romp, which is totally sweet.”

#3 – Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams (92 Points)

By Fyrewulff & Charbile


  • Mogri says: “Years later, this is still the most complete and professional effort I’ve seen out of the engine.”
  • TMC says: “The re-release with sound effects and new music should be great.”
  • JSH says: “The fact that this has been glossed over in every other public vote amazes me. I’ll be public in the fact that I had my problems with Fyrewulff back in the day and I’m not in to the furry aesthetic and I did think this game was pretentious, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a full-length, very complete game with an incredible amount of love and dedication put in. The story is carefully crafted, the world is well-conceived, the game is over 20 hours long, and the gameplay has neat ideas that seamlessly use scripting to improve the experience. The battles aren’t my favorite (I personally think I have outdone them in Motrya and a few other OHR Games have done better) but everything in SOJ is so on the money I have no problem saying it’s the best complete OHR game.”

#2 – Wandering Hamster (95 Points)

By James Paige


  • JSH says: “The engine seems tailor-made for this game, and you can tell when playing it. James Paige uses his features well. Somehow, just showing off what they do simply without pushing them too hard makes Wandering Hamster an enjoyable “demo” game. It helps that the humor is fresh without being offensive in any way and the graphics are good enough to look nice. We’ve all played it and we all know it’s good.”

#1 – Spellshard: The Black Crown of Horgoth (109 Points)

By Shizuma and KF Harlock

spellsharddemo (5)

  • Gizmog says: “I was in love with this game when it first came out years ago. There was a contest to find secrets in it, the graphics were so sliming amazing and the battles so ball-grindingly tough. I’d never played the NES era Final Fantasies so this kind of nut-punching was new and amazing to me. Probably the longest OHR game, probably the most complete. There’s a few parts that are absolute hell which bring it down a peg, but it’s still an amazing game that you should try.”
  • JSH says: “The ancient NES RPG isn’t my genre, but again there’s no denying the craftsmanship of this game. It gives you engaging choices and has well-designed dungeons. The graphics are basically perfect, too. How many OHR games can claim that?”
  • Meatballsub says: “Hard enough at times to make you fighting mad, but a fantastic game nonetheless. It also throws you back to the 80s/90s JRPG era where most games were extremely difficult.”
  • Willy Elektrix says: “An epic game with lots of awesome ideas. Uses the battle engine in clever ways and provides a satisfying challenge. Having a customizable party was a huge plus!”

Bonus – Most Titles In Top 15 From Same Author

The Wobbler – 3 Titles – Walthrus: Return of the Crystals, Walthros, and Village People: The Videogame.