The Force of Evil Review


As most people know, there is a landfill worth of OHRRPGCE games that are genuinely horrible products, whether it be intentional or by accident.  In their defense, most of the games have enough content for you to at least grasp the concept behind the abomination of a game. Surprisingly, The Force of Evil is an exception to this rule. In fact, this game is the epitome of the phrase “over before it started” because there’s literally no content provided outside of a movie that lasts a few seconds. I’ve had farts longer than this game, which makes me sad to admit that it is actually a complete game despite its length.

What really bothers me about The Force of Evil is not knowing why the author uploaded it in the first place. The game teaches you that it is okay for kids to shoot other kids in the head with a real gun. It also teaches kids that excessive swearing within a 30 second game window is okay. Lastly, it reminds kids not to do drugs, but if you do, hide them from your parents. Not only is the humor tasteless, it is not even remotely funny.

Titles like this should be locked away, deep within the bowels of your hard drive and should never see the public light of day. Admittedly, I should have known better than to expect anything out of a game with a file name of  “SHI$.RPG”.