Eternity Preview


It’s very rare that a preview of an OHRRPGCE game shows so much polish and potential that you forget you’re even playing pre-demo content. That is exactly what happened while I played Eternity, Mewmew’s upcoming game, over the past few days. It is so well-put together that the main issue I had was it coming to an end after three hours (and leaving me wanting more)!


Eternity’s story so far deals with some very controversial topics, such as racism and religion, but does so safely by way of a detailed, high-fantasy world. Mewmew paints a nice picture of the world you inhabit, and how the beings coincide with each other. So far, the game features almost 10 playable characters, all of which have believable, convincing backstories.While there appears to be a “main” story element, there are numerous smaller arcs created by the additional heroes that really give you the sense that a great adventure is ahead of you.


While a couple of the characters got on my nerves on occasion, the depth of each person more than made up for this minor issue. The only other problem I noticed, albeit minor, was the amount of text boxes used for even some of the smallest conversations. I know some people prefer to have the dialogue split up in short segments, but I felt like Eternity took this to the extreme. I suppose that it helps breathe life into the emotions behind the dialogue the more it is separated, but it also occasionally feels like a chore going through so many boxes for one event. Having said that, both the story and dialogue are fantastic and my complaints are very small in comparison to how well Mewmew did on these elements of the game.


The graphics are really well done. I was constantly amazed at how incredible places looked, especially when the author only used a handful of colors to make it happen. As an aspiring pixel artist, that just goes to show me that minimal coloring and shading often times looks better than intricate, multi-shaded graphics. If you are a fan of furries and anime, you will love the numerous cutscenes riddled about the game, as well as the detailed character portraits. While I’m not a huge fan of the anime-style myself, it definitely fits the feel of the game and it is amazing art nonetheless. The battle graphics are a step down from the cutscenes and maptiles, but are still very well done.


Eternity is one of few OHRRPGCE games that uses custom sound effects over the default OHR sounds, and they are all good stuff. The soundtrack itself appears to be original, though I can’t say that with 100% certainty. Either way, the music fits the mood of the game and no track seems out of place. In fact, many of the tunes are pretty catchy, so I’d be interested in knowing who is responsible for the soundtrack myself.


The maps are designed well, with branching paths in dungeons and lots of loot to find in towns. There are several puzzles that you will come across that are not extremely difficult, but are a refreshing to see nonetheless. Eternity does a great job of rewarding you for exploration, so be sure to check every crevice of each map for maximum rewards.


The combat is fairly engaging, and there are plenty of spells and abilities at your disposal. While I found the majority of battles to be on the easy side, the bosses are varied and do present some challenge if you are not careful.


Outside of a couple of minor issues (most of them just being personal preferences rather than actual problematic areas), Eternity is a solid game. Honestly, it is more polished in its current form than many OHRRPGCE games have been at release. I do not know for sure when Mewmew intends to have this available to the masses, but I look forward to hearing more about it soon. I will definitely be keeping my eye on Eternity, and I recommend that you do the same.